Hands-On Forex Education

Run by our professional traders, the Live Trade Room is a pivotal resource and tool that provides our students real-time access to our traders twice a week. Within the trade room, our experts will conduct live market analysis and often will give out trade signals if the opportunity presents itself.

This product should be used as a supplementary learning tool along with the forex mastery course in which the students will be able to see our traders apply the training onto the live markets.


6 Months Free Access

Knowing the importance of being able to watch our live traders, we have given all our students the opportunity to earn a full 6 months of free access to our live trade room with the purchase of the forex mastery course.

All students who purchase the forex mastery course and complete the beginner section of the forex mastery course within the first 14 days are granted a full 6 months of free access to our live trade room, no questions asked.

This ensures that students who are granted the 6 months of free access are serious about mastering the skill set of day trading the forex markets.


The Experts At The Investor Academy

All our professional traders have a minimum of 10 years experience trading the forex markets. Throughout the years, we have developed a thorough understanding of the markets from a technical standpoint all the way to a fundamental standpoint and our expert traders are constantly providing our students with the support, resources and knowledge to follow suit and eventually yield a full-time income day trading forex.

The Investor Academy's weekly webinars, forex signal service, and live trade room access are all conducted by our experts and are there to enable and empower students to become independent traders themselves.


Learn how to trade with some of the top investors in the industry.