Forex Training For The Long Term

The Investor Academy’s approach is built around creating long term wealth when it comes to trading the Forex markets. Our approach is centered around maintaining a simplistic and consistent trade strategy when dissecting the markets. Most forex educational platforms complicate the process within their education and we’ve completely revamped the way our students see the markets.

Our education covers everything from technical to fundamental analysis to give our students a full understanding of the markets and why currency pairs move in a certain direction.

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Trade Analysis

Technical Analysis Education

Our technical analysis education is heavily focused on getting our students to understand pure price action within the charts. We firmly believe that everything outside of price action should be secondary when it comes to your trading strategy. Although we do teach our students how to use all the main indicators, our education focuses on instilling a foundation of understanding price action along with candlestick analysis.

Risk Management Education

The concept of risk management is often left out when it comes to forex education. Our entire academy is centered around constantly educating our students on why risk management is so important when it comes to achieving long-term success in the forex markets. We provide our students with an in-depth risk-management template and proprietary trade strategy suited for students who are looking to achieve consistent profits and scale their accounts.

Its PARAMOUNT as a trader to understand:

  • There is no such thing as a "risk-free" trade in the foreign exchange markets.
  • How to mitigate risk within every trade.

Discussion Feed

With the purchase of our Forex Mastery training, students also gain access to our built-in interactive community of students. All members at the academy share a common goal of achieving financial freedom through this skill-set, and our discussion feed is a platform that provides our students with a system that brings overwhelming support from the entire community.

We encourage all students to use this platform to post questions & analysis as well as engage with the community of traders to enhance your skills and refine your knowledge of the Forex markets.


Get ready to trade with some of the top investors in the industry.