BLOG - Popular Courses Created By Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone

Popular Courses Created By Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone

June 09, 2020

Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone are both well-known influencers in business and on social media. They are known for showing off their lavish lifestyle on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They both have about the same amount of followers on Instagram, Tai Lopez having 2.9 million followers and Grant Cardone having 2.8 million followers. Besides both being wealthy and well-known influencers, what else does Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone have in common? They both have created courses and programs they offer to people to help them improve their life and careers. Tai Lopez is known to offer more courses in different subjects to help individuals with whatever they’re looking to improve in their life. These different subjects include making more money, finding happiness, and also how to improve your love life. Tai Lopez makes courses in the business field as well. Tai Lopez’s courses are diversified and range from one topic to the other while Grant Cardone specifically focuses on business. Grant Cardone has his program/course called Cardone University and his 10x rule book that he focuses on growing. His two courses are specifically focused on sales and helping to boost your income and business. 

Based on reviews we have read, we recommend checking out Grant Cardone’s courses over Tai Lopez’s. We have read multiple reviews where individuals who have purchased Tai Lopez’s courses consider them a waste of money. If you wish to learn more about Tai Lopez and read some reviews individuals have left we suggest you read the Tai Lopez Scam or the Tai Lopez Review. Most of the reviews we had read regarding Tai Lopez and his courses indicated that much of the information he was sharing was common sense information or information that could have been found if researched. Grant Cardone’s 10x rule book and his program called Cardone University had much better reviews than Tai Lopez had for his courses. We highly recommend that when purchasing anything online, that you make sure to read the reviews that people leave. Making an impulsive decision and purchasing these courses without acknowledging what everyone else had to say about it isn’t a smart idea. You should make sure that what you’re spending your money on is worth it and not considered a waste. Spend your money on courses that will actually help to improve your life.