Achieving Financial Freedom

The Investor Academy is a comprehensive online day trading academy that shares a common goal of producing as many independent forex traders as possible.

The academy was founded on the premise of providing its students an alternative medium of achieving a full-time income from home and is constantly providing overwhelming support to assist its students in achieving financial freedom through investing in the forex markets.

Mastering the Skill of the Forex Markets

Our education platform is renown as one of the more robust platforms in the world as our forex mastery course is only one of the resources we provide our students with when it comes to mastering the skill of day trading the forex markets.

In addition to the training, the academy’s supplementary products include:

Live Trade Room

All students get to experience real-time trading with our professional traders. Our students get access to our professional traders 4 days a week, every week of the year.


Discussion Feed

With the purchase of our Forex Mastery training, students also gain access to our built-in interactive community of students. We encourage all students to use this platform.

Whether you’re just beginning your trading career,
or looking to refine your current trading skills,

The Investor Academy is suited for anyone with a drive and a passion to learn.


Get ready to trade with some of the top investors in the industry.